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Rules & FAQ

SOPA 2024 Rules

SOPA 2024 Awards Rules Traditional Chinese
SOPA 2024 Awards FAQ Traditional Chinese

SOPA 2024 Awards Rules Simplified Chinese
SOPA 2024 Awards FAQ Simplified Chinese

What’s new in SOPA 2024 Awards?

In Excellence in Video Reporting, the length limit for the entry is now set at 20 minutes, revised from the previous 15 minutes.

In the SOPA Award for Public Service Journalism, it’s clarified that a piece of written work must be included — entries can consist of a single piece of written work or a series (up to five) of written and multimedia works.

The SOPA Award for Young Journalists will honor an English-language journalist and a Chinese-language journalist.

The length limits for the nomination letter in all categories and the personal statement in the Young Journalists category are now set at 800 words/Chinese characters in the former and 1000 words/characters in the latter.