Awards Finalists

Awards Finalists

SOPA Announces 2024 Awards for Editorial Excellence Finalists and Winners!


1. Excellence in Reporting on Women’s Issues (卓越女性議題報道獎)
CNN International, Married to my rapist: The Indian women saying no
The Associated Press, Scores of underage Rohingya girls forced into abusive marriages in Malaysia
The New York Times, India's Daughters

Malaysiakini, Baby snatching: How stateless mums lose their infants in Sabah hospital
Project Multatuli, Abortion’s Stigma in Indonesia Keeps Rape Victims from Safe Health Services
ThePrint, Bhanwari Devi was raped for trying to stop 1992 child marriage. ‘I curse her daily,’ says bride

端傳媒 Initium Media, 性、權力及體制背叛下的台灣MeToo系列/Taiwan's MeToo Series: Sex, Power, and Institutional Betrayal
鏡週刊 Mirror Media, 無法仰睡的人: 性侵案後,王瀞韓與家人的20年/The Girl Who Cannot Sleep on Her Back: 20 Years of Wang Jinghan and Her Family After Sexual Assault
報導者 The Reporter, 台灣卵子、中國客戶、美國配對─全球人工生殖產線裡的台灣女孩們/Taiwanese Eggs, Chinese Customers, Matched in USA: Taiwanese Girls in Global Assisted-Reproduction Line

2. Excellence in Journalistic Innovation (卓越新聞報道創新獎)
Financial Times, Satellites, drones and programming tools reveal the transformation of China's mosques
Reuters, Beijing's record rainfall
The New York Times, How to Cool Down a City

Environmental Reporting Collective, Beneath The Sands
Rappler, The Kusiong Story Project
The Quint, Hellhole: The Reality of Manual Scavenging in India

READr, 【VR 實境體驗】房間: 流亡港人的臺北記憶/VR Room: Exiled Hongkongers in Taipei
報導者 The Reporter, 遊走兩岸海域的暴利生意:盜走台灣海砂,中國業者現形/Lucrative Business Beneath Taiwan Strait: Unveiling Chinese Vessels’ Illegal Dredging Activities
歪脑 | WHYNOT, 影观中的世界观:355部中外战争片告诉了我们什么?/What Do 355 Chinese and Foreign War Films Tell Us?

3. Excellence in Audio Reporting (卓越音频报道奖)
Bloomberg News, China's Property Crisis
Project Brazen, Crypto Kingpins
The Economist, Drum Tower Podcast

CNA, The mental health struggles of elite athletes
Frontier Myanmar, Political prisoners' families fall prey to scammers
The Economic Times, Fatigued & Flying: Why tired pilots are a wake-up call

中央廣播電臺 Radio Taiwan International, 「一場台灣無家者的居住革命」系列報導/'A Housing Revolution for the Homeless in Taiwan' Series Report
報導者 The Reporter, 海上喋血案10年後,走進台灣監獄會客室的印尼女孩/10 Years After High Seas Murder Case: How Did It Change the Fate of an Indonesian Family?
Voice of America Mandarin, 越洋电话 - 手举白纸的年轻世代/My Voice, Our Story: the Young Generation with White Paper in Hand

4. Excellence in Video Reporting (卓越視頻報道獎)
Bloomberg News, How Deadly Cough Syrup Spread Around the World
Bloomberg News, Huawei’s Shock Chip Breakthrough
VICE News, Catfished by Captives

Eco-Business, Wasted: 360
Narasi, Skandal Hijau/The Green Scandal
The Quint, Many Anti-Conversion Arrests in UP Defy the Law They Are Based On

BBC Chinese, 「只要能逃出中國」: 他們橫跨雨林、穿越中南美國境「走線」偷渡到美國/Escaping China: The Harrowing Journey Through Jungles and Across Latin American Borders to Smuggle into the U.S.
今周刊 Business Today, 海洋末日倒數中! 四面環海的台灣再也無魚可吃?/Counting Down for the Ocean! Is Taiwan Becoming a Fishless Island?
Radio Free Asia, 小孩也移民,誰傾聽過他們心聲?/When Children Become Immigrants, Who Listens to Their Voices?

5. Excellence in Human Rights Reporting (卓越人權報道獎)
1843 Magazine, The Economist, Return to China? Xing would rather die in the jungle
BBC News Online, Afghanistan: 'Nothing we can do but watch babies die'
The Associated Press, A frantic phone call helped untangle the mystery of missing Rohingya boat

Frontier Myanmar, Enforced disappearances by Myanmar’s military junta
Myanmar Now, Horrors of War
The Sydney Morning Herald, Kidnapped in Japan

端傳媒 Initium Media, 香港工運的現在與未來:勞工權益報導系列/The Present and Future of Labor Movement in Hong Kong
明報 Ming Pao, 圖書下架系列/Off the shelves
報導者 The Reporter, 販嬰啟事─走過80年代跨國販嬰、數不盡的私下收養黑數,他們充滿荊棘的尋親路/Revisiting the Scars of Child-Trafficking in Taiwan

6. Excellence in Feature Writing (卓越專題特寫獎)
1843 Magazine, The Economist, The second world war turned Okinawa into a graveyard. Now it’s in China’s sights.
Bloomberg News, Australia’s Water Grab
Los Angeles Times, For 40 years he blamed himself for a girl’s murder. Then came a shocking discovery.

Frontier Myanmar, Myanmar's southern front
GMA News Online, A Love Remains
The Sydney Morning Herald, China's Mongolian reach

端傳媒 Initium Media, 為了潤,他們在拉美長征四千公里/Journey for Hope: Chinese Migrants' Perilous Path to the U.S.
鏡週刊 Mirror Media, 烏克蘭戰場歸來: 鏖戰8個月,兩名台灣志願軍的P66公路紀實/Return from the Ukraine Battlefield: An Eight-month Struggle of Two Taiwanese Volunteer Soldiers
報導者 The Reporter, 詐欺34億元買來的第二人生─王派宏吸金案,和「投資入籍」多米尼克的全球罪犯/Illicit Money and the Bought Second Life: How Dominica’s Citizenship Scheme Facilitates Taiwan's Illegal Money Game

7. Excellence in Technology Reporting (卓越科技报道奖)
Nikkei Asia, China's nuclear program secures sanctioned machine tools
Reuters, Cable wars
The Washington Post, Rising India, Toxic Tech

Frontier Myanmar, Exposing Myanmar's scam industry
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Kyrgyz, Kazakh Companies Send Western Tech To Firms Linked To Kremlin War Machine
Rest of World, Why Foxconn ventured out of China, and how it has struggled to make iPhones in India

天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 電動車的中國時代/The Chinese EV Era
端傳媒 Initium Media, 揭秘文心一言,AI時代的智能寫作利器/Unveiling Ernie Bot: Baidu's AI Under Scrutiny
腾讯新闻 Tencent News, 徐小平退后一步,方爱之向前一步: 中国风投第一起交接故事/The Inaugural Succession Story in Chinese Venture Capital: Bob Xu Steps Back, Anna Fang Steps Forward

8. Excellence in Magazine Design (卓越雜誌設計獎)*
生活月刊 LIFE Magazine, Born in 1890s and 1990s: The Two Generations of 90s 再九零
天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 共好台灣 搖滾我鄉/Taiwan Communities, Revitalized
FuturArc, Volume 81: Old is Gold

9. Excellence in Arts & Culture Reporting (卓越藝術及文化報道獎)
Equal Times, “An age of cultural decline” coupled with an unusual boom – the curious impact of Hong Kong’s national security law on its book industry
Financial Times, Japan’s toddler superstar: the baby bringing hope to a ghost village
The New York Times, India's Love Story With a Movie Still on the Big Screen After 27 Years

CNA, Kedah has Southeast Asia's oldest civilisation and archaeologists barely know its complete history
Frontier Myanmar, Myanmar’s bitterly divided film industry
The Japan Times,Has Japan mastered sitting?

生活月刊 LIFE Magazine, 陆上行舟/Navigation on the land
關鍵評論網 The News Lens, 論蔡明亮十年的創作轉向/The Transformative Decade of Tsai Ming-Liang’s Artistic Creation
報導者 The Reporter, 媽祖,與祂的家人們─百萬人進香的歷史足印與文化新生/Mazu and Her Family: the Historical Footprints and Cultural Rebirth of Millions of Taiwan Pilgrims

10. Excellence in Bahasa Indonesia News Reporting (Penghargaan Karya Jurnalistik Kategori Bahasa Indonesia)
Harian Kompas, Darurat Kemandirian Pangan di Kepulauan/Emergency Food Self-Sufficiency in the Islands, Di Balik Kecanggihan Teknologi/On the Other Side of Technological Progress
Project Multatuli, HilirisasiOligarki, tentang dampak tambang dan smelter nikel pada masyarakat/Oligarchy Downstreaming: Impact of Nickel Mining and Smelters on Local Lives

11. Excellence in Explanatory Reporting (卓越解釋性報道獎)
Nikkei Asia, Asia's Age of Hydropolitics
Reuters, The U.S.-China tech battle
The Wire China, Sidelined

China Global South Project, Nickel Déjà vu: Land Grabbing Smears China-backed Quartz Downstreaming Project
Eco-Business, Decoding sustainable finance
Hong Kong Free Press, Hong Kong's first "patriots-only" District Council election

信報財經月刊 Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly, 畢業即失業 千萬孔乙己誕生/Jobless Generation: How China Creates Millions of Kong Yiji
端傳媒 Initium Media, 香港審訊進行時: 國安法庭報導系列/Trials Under the Shadow: Reporting on Hong Kong's National Security Court Cases
歪脑|WHYNOT, 逃离盛世,裸命天涯:那些润途上的中国人/The Run Movement: Why are So Many People Fleeing China?

12. Excellence in Business Reporting (卓越經濟報道獎)
Bloomberg News, China’s Property Crisis
Financial Times, The Guardian, OCCRP, Adani uncovered: investigation reveals billionaire's hidden investors
The Wall Street Journal, Inside China’s Crackdown

CNA, ‘Happy to do the bare minimum’: Fears rising that Johor’s brain drain has worsened its work culture
Frontier Myanmar, Workers exploited in post-coup Myanmar
Myanmar Now, Exposing the junta’s efforts to finance its war on Myanmar’s people

端傳媒 Initium Media, 中國煙癮系列/China's Smoking Addiction
鏡週刊 Mirror Media, 當他們一腳踩進債務流沙/Another Consumer Credit Crisis? Unveiling New Debt Problems in Taiwan
報導者 The Reporter, 台灣卵子、中國客戶、美國配對─全球人工生殖產線裡的台灣女孩們/Taiwanese Eggs, Chinese Customers, Matched in USA: Taiwanese Girls in Global Assisted-Reproduction Line

13. Excellence in Infographics (卓越數據圖像獎)
Nikkei Asia, Disasters Explained: Great Kanto Earthquake/Fukushima wastewater release
Reuters, Journey into sleep
The New York Times, How to Cool Down a City

Eco-Business, Are Asia's shipowners doing enough to cut greenhouse gas emissions?
Kontinentalist, Terraforming Singapore: Is the future made of sand?
The Age, Who is eating all the fish?

天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 2023台北都更地圖》都更變豪宅!又老又貴的天龍國,誰住得起?/Taipei's 2023 Map: Old and Expensive - Who Can Afford to Live There?
端傳媒 Initium Media, 老去的中國:30年後會變成什麼樣?/Aging China: The Next 30 Years
報導者 The Reporter, 解放軍如何進逼第一島鏈: 台海衝突下牽動的美日軍事布局/As China Closes in on the First Island Chain, the U.S. - Japanese Military Strategy Reshapes Over Taiwan Strait

14. Excellence in Reporting Breaking News (卓越突發新聞獎)***
Agence France-Presse, Fearing deportation, thousands of Afghans leave Pakistan
The New York Times, India Train Crash
The Wall Street Journal, Horror and Hope: India’s Train Crash

端傳媒 Initium Media, 香港世紀暴雨系列:海綿城市的未來/Breaking Waters: Testing Hong Kong's Flood Preparedness
端傳媒 Initium Media, 合肥故居獻花現場:他們為心目中的好人李克強,開一場民間追悼會/A Nation Mourns: Remembering Li Keqiang Through Spontaneous Tributes in Hefei
報導者 The Reporter, 透視2023開春缺蛋現象系列報導/Taiwan's Acute Shortage of Eggs in the Spring of 2023

15. Excellence in Opinion Writing (卓越評論獎)
China Books Review, Mao to Now
Financial Times, Beware the great battery industry fallacy
The New York Times, Shining Light On How China’s Economic Mistakes Are Affecting Real People

Economy Next, Sri Lanka’s collapse in new sovereign default wave is not really China’s fault: Bellwether
FuturArc, Designing for Non-humans as an Act of Service
Frontier Myanmar, Righting wrongs in Myanmar

天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 陳良榕專欄 Liang-rong Chen's Column on Inside Stories of Tech Industries
天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 謝長泰專欄 Chang-Tai, Hsieh's Column on Taiwan's Economic Development
灼見名家, 好學生李克強 My outstanding student, Li Keqiang

16. Excellence in Reporting on the Environment (卓越環境報道獎)
Bloomberg News, Climate Finance at Risk
The Guardian, Facing extinction: Tuvalu's climate crisis dilemma
The Washington Post, Clean Cars, Hidden Toll

China Global South Project, Nickel Déjà vu: Land Grabbing Smears China-backed Quartz Downstreaming Project
Earth Journalism Network, It's a Wash
Rest of World, The race to put Indigenous land on the map

商業周刊 Business Weekly, 手機河與晶圓山 掠奪之島/Cellphone Rivers, Wafer Mountains: How Technology Deprives Taiwan's Nature
鏡週刊 Mirror Media, 你的快門殺了牠: 台灣鳥類籠拍誘拍場調查實錄/Bird Shooting: An investigation into Bird Baiting in Taiwan
願景工程 Vision project, 琉給海什麼: 人類與生態如何共享海洋/What to Leave to the Sea?

17. Excellence in Photography (卓越攝影獎)
Agence France-Presse, Desperate Rohingya seek safety in Indonesia
The Associated Press, Afghanistan On The Edge
The New York Times, Loss Piles on Loss for Afghan Women

FuturArc, Old is Gold
Rest of World, Land-mapping efforts in Borneo
South China Morning Post, How dams in China are destroying livelihoods downstream in Cambodia

端傳媒 Initium Media, 台海戰爭陰影下的連場預演/Under the Shadow of War: Taiwan's Mock Defense Amid Rising Tensions
端傳媒 Initium Media, 中國煙草的「囚徒」/In the Haze: The Faces Behind China's Tobacco Empire
歪脑|WHYNOT, 福岛:难归之岸/Fukushima: The shore of no return

18. The Scoop Award (獨家新聞獎)***
Financial Times, US thwarted plot to kill Sikh separatist on American soil
Frontier Myanmar, Debt and desperation driving overseas kidney sales
The Wall Street Journal, Powering China’s Nuclear Program

商業周刊 Business Weekly, 減碳夢變戴奧辛危機/From Decarbonization Dream to Dioxin Nightmare
明報 Ming Pao, 高才通報道/Top “talent” who gets a pass
報導者 The Reporter, 揭開澳龍走私海上交易線─中澳貿易制裁角力,與台灣、金馬走私鏈的蝴蝶效應/Lobster Trade: Taiwan’s Frontline Islands Booming with Smuggling Business Amid China’s Skirmishes with Australia

19. Carlos Tejada Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting (卓越調查報道獎)
Bloomberg News, Bad Medicine
Reuters, A deadly elixir
The Outlaw Ocean Project, China: The Superpower of Seafood

Frontier Myanmar, Companies exploit loopholes to dump waste in Myanmar
Rappler, Immunity and Impunity - How Diplomats Get Away with Abusing Migrant Domestic Workers
The Sydney Morning Herald, Kidnapped in Japan

端傳媒 Initium Media, 中國式解封/The Unraveling: China's Abrupt End to Zero-COVID and its Aftermath
上下游新聞市集 News&Market, 破碎的西海岸 | 農田、魚塭、光電海/Taiwan's Broken West Coast: Farmlands and Fish Ponds Turn into Solar Panel Sites
歪脑|WHYNOT, 亡命泰国的中国难民:从漩涡中向自由挣扎/Chinese refugees in Thailand: struggling towards freedom

20. SOPA Award for Young Journalists (亞洲出版業協會最佳新人記者大獎)**
Financial Times, Qianer Liu
Southeast Asia Globe, Anton L. Delgado
The Wall Street Journal, Rebecca Feng

21. SOPA Award for Public Service Journalism (亞洲出版業協會公共服務新聞大獎)*
Bloomberg News, Bad Medicine
Financial Times, The global network behind the fentanyl crisis
The Washington Post, The Collection

* One award across all three groups

** Combined English and Chinese-language groups (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

*** Combined Global/Regional groups (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

NOTE: This list is based on the titles of entries as submitted. Due to system limitations, the above links lead to just one story in each entry, even for entries that consisted of a package of related stories. The judges took into consideration the entire package of stories in making their decisions.

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