Awards Finalists

Awards Finalists

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SOPA Announces 2023 Awards for Editorial Excellence Finalists

(Below listings in alphabetical order by publication title)

1. Excellence in Reporting on Women’s Issues (卓越女性議題報道獎)
Financial Times, North Korean women pay a heavy price as Kim turns on 'black market breadwinners'
Nikkei Asia, Abortion in Asia: The limits of choice
Nikkei Asia, Women's wealth in Asia

Newslaundry, Giving Agency to Women
Scroll, How Kashmir’s half-widows are denied their basic property rights
The World of Chinese, The Road to Consent Culture in China: Brutal Assault in Tangshan Renews Calls for Better Sex Education

时尚先生 Esquire China, 被性侵的, 被救助的, 被捆绑的童年/Lost Childhood
報導者 The Reporter, 異域生養─上萬名移工父母與他們孩子的崎嶇路/Born and Raised in Foreign Land: Immigrant Workers and Their Parenting Predicament
願景工程 Vision Project, 協助或騷擾? 障礙女性: NO means NO/Disabled Women: NO means NO

2. Excellence in Journalistic Innovation (卓越新聞報道創新獎)
Bloomberg News, How Xi Rewrote China's Rulebook to Build the Party Around Himself
The New York Times, The Toll of ‘Zero Covid’
The Washington Post, Crucial Lapses Led to Tragically Delayed Rescue in a Seoul Alley

Malaysiakini, Malaysian 15th general election special project
Sixth Tone, Memory Project: The Shanghai Lockdown
The Quint, Islamophobia 365: Lynchings and Beyond

天下雜誌 CommonWealth Magazine, 《人民日報》10 年解讀 習近平如何改變中國/Decoding People’s Daily: How Xi Changed China
報導者 The Reporter, 還原一場12小時內湮滅的犯罪─數萬噸廢棄物, 如何悄悄埋入台糖土地深處/Back To the Crime Scene: Taiwan’s Illegal Dumping
歪脑|WHYNOT, 揭开流量时代的伤口, 走出网络暴力的漩涡/Chinese Internet’s Hidden Victims: Uncovering and Healing the Scars of Online Abuse

3. Excellence in Audio Reporting (卓越音频报道奖)
Financial Times, Tech Tonic: The US-China Tech Race
National Public Radio, The Black Gate: A Uyghur Family's Story
The Economist, The Prince

Eco-Business, Shifting Sands: the environmental controversy beneath your feet
PumaPodcast, Catch Me If You Can: Meet the Top Troll
Radio Taiwan International, From Lithuania With Love

不明白播客 Bumingbai Podcast, 2022年中国抗议者专题/2022 China Protests Series
Radio Free Asia, 疾风中的新闻自由/Press Freedom in the Eye of the Storm
報導者 The Reporter, 墮胎、逃跑! 上萬名移工父母與他們孩子的歧嶇路/Job or Kid? Hard Choice for Illegal Immigrant Parents in Taiwan

4. Excellence in Video Reporting (卓越視頻報道獎)
Bloomberg News, Amazon Packages Burn in India, a Sign of Global Recycling’s Failings
Insider News, Why Miners Risk Their Lives To Get Sulfur From An Active Volcano
The New York Times, Inside the Final Days of the Doctor China Tried to Silence

CNA, What happened before former Chinese President Hu Jintao was escorted out of Congress?
Rappler, Rough roads: The exploitation of Filipino truck drivers in Europe
Sixth Tone, ‘Thank You for Your Cooperation’

BBC Chinese, 反「清零」抗議潮: 美國的中國留學生如何用行動聲援/Chinese Students in the US Joining the ‘Blank Paper Protests’
今周刊 Business Today, 淨灘都清不完的海廢危機! 台灣的海岸怎麼了?/Beach Cleanup Can't Solve the Pollution Crisis; What Happened to the Coasts of Taiwan?
聯合報 United Daily News, 解凍格陵蘭-看冰往哪融/Melting Greenland

5. Excellence in Human Rights Reporting (卓越人權報道獎)
Bloomberg News, Microfinance Takes a Disastrous Wrong Turn
Reuters, From Rohingya to razed villages: Myanmar army's mounting atrocities
Reuters, Legal Jeopardy: Human rights lawyers pay the price for standing up to Beijing

Coconuts Media, The Fight Against the Death Penalty in Singapore
Frontier Myanmar, I reported on the military's abuses, then I became a victim
Myanmar Now, Myanmar's many forms of resistance

明報 Ming Pao, 沒有支聯會的六四系列/Commemorate June 4 without the Alliance
READr, 封城孤島: 無藥無糧, 從近萬筆求救訊息看上海的封城亂象/Shanghai Lockdown Chaos 
報導者 The Reporter, 綁債 黑工 留學陷阱: 失控的高教技職國際招生/Debt Traps, Modern Slavery, Shattered Dreams: Illegal Recruitment of International Students in Taiwan’s Technical University System

6. Excellence in Feature Writing (卓越專題特寫獎)
ProPublica, The Night Raids
Reuters,  Bullets and Bone: A pathologist, a priest and a hunt for justice in the Philippines
The Wall Street Journal, The Two Michaels

Fifty Two, The Match
Frontier Myanmar, Dancing with the enemy
Rest of World, The dirty road to clean energy: How China’s electric vehicle boom is ravaging the environment

端傳媒 Initium Media, 當白紙穿透中國大學高牆: 站出來, 看到了集體行動的可能/When the White Paper Penetrates Thick Walls of Chinese Universities
鏡週刊 Mirror Media, 防火牆內的證言: 中國白紙運動紀實/Testimonies Inside the Firewall : China's White Paper Revolution
報導者 The Reporter, 「潤學潮」下最危險的逃難路徑: 穿越巴拿馬叢林的中國人/"We're All Fleeing Persecution": Chinese Asylum-seekers Head to US via Darién Gap

7. Excellence in Technology Reporting (卓越科技报道奖)
Nikkei Asia, The global chip war
ProPublica, Human Trafficking’s Newest Abuse: Forcing Victims Into Cyberscamming
The New York Times, ‘An Invisible Cage’: How China Is Policing the Future

Fifty Two, Human Touch
Frontier Myanmar, Doxxing on Telegram
Rest of World, In the dark: Seven years, 60 countries, 935 internet shutdowns: How authoritarian regimes found an off switch for dissent

天下雜誌 CommonWealth Magazine, 躲不掉的中國天眼/Chinese Surveillance in Taiwan
端傳媒 Initium Media,「天上有雲、中間有網、地上有格」—中國監控國家的誕生/Nothing Outside the Grid: the Birth of the Chinese Surveillance State
界面新闻 Jiemian News, TikTok内幕: 张一鸣的巨浪征途/Inside TikTok: Zhang Yiyiming's Epic Voyage

8. Excellence in Magazine Design (卓越雜誌設計獎)
天下雜誌 CommonWealth Magazine, 永續台灣夢/Taiwan’s Climate Battle
Nikkei Asia, Asia's age of precarity
Post Magazine, Faking the Grade

9. Excellence in Arts & Culture Reporting (卓越藝術及文化報道獎)
Bloomberg News, An Art Crime for the Ages
Financial Times, The pervasive succession crisis threatening Japan’s economy
Nikkei Asia, The art of protest in Asia

Frontier Myanmar, Gentle giants in the revolution
The World of Chinese, Speaking Up, Passing Down: Can Social Media Save Chinese Regional Dialects From Extinction?
Zolima CityMag, Arrivals and Departures: Hong Kong’s Aviation History

生活月刊 China Life Magazine, 字游城/Font City Tour
報導者 The Reporter, 新台漫時代──在日漫與韓漫夾擊下, 如何走出自己的路/Taiwan Comics' New Era
歪脑|WHYNOT, 后女性主义? 资本主义陷阱? 文化统战? 我们和“小红书”的台湾女性用户聊了聊/Post-feminism, Capitalist Trap, or the United Cultural Front? We Discuss Little Red Book with Female Users in Taiwan

10. Excellence in Bahasa Indonesia News Reporting (Penghargaan Karya Jurnalistik Kategori Bahasa Indonesia)
Kompas, Limbung Pangan di Merauke/Bewildered Food Estates in Merauke
Mongabay, BBC Indonesia, and The Gecko Project, Janji Kosong Kebun Plasma: Kisah Masyarakat Indonesia yang Terpinggirkan dari Demam Sawit/‘The promise was a lie’: How Indonesian villagers lost their cut of the palm oil boom
Project Multatuli, Underprivileged Gen Z Ibu Kota: Hidup Miskin, Woke, dan Punya Gangguan Mental/Underprivileged Gen Z series

11. Excellence in Explanatory Reporting (卓越解釋性報道獎)
Reuters, Starving the Mekong
The Economist, Xi Jinping: the making of a dictator
The New York Times, ‘Zero Covid’ and Its Unraveling

Eco-Business, New mines, old problems
Sixth Tone, Inside China’s Real Estate Crisis
The World of Chinese, The Battle Over China’s Public Spaces

Radio Free Asia, 中国拐卖妇女现象深层分析/In-depth Analysis of Trafficking of Women in China
報導者 The Reporter, 百年震盪─斷層下的台灣啟示錄/Living with Risks: What Lessons Taiwan Has Learned from Earthquakes
聯合新聞網, 2022 菲律賓選舉專題/2022 Philippines Election

12. Excellence in Business Reporting (卓越經濟報道獎)
Bloomberg News, The Man Who Broke the Nickel Market
Financial Times, The pervasive succession crisis threatening Japan’s economy
The Wall Street Journal, China’s Belt & Road Reckoning

Frontier Myanmar, The junta’s exchange rate ‘fix’
Myanmar Now, How Myanmar's post-coup economy fuels war and profits the military
Sixth Tone, Code Red: The Human Cost of China’s Rural Banking Crisis

天下雜誌 CommonWealth Magazine, 供應鏈變局3.0/Supply Chain 3.0
端傳媒 Initium Media, 透視星港競爭: 新加坡憑什麼贏?/"Talent Rivalry" Between Hong Kong and Singapore: What Makes Singapore the Winner?
遠見雜誌 Global Views Magazine, 代價1500億的這堂課 台灣學到了什麼?/What Does Taiwan Learn from the 150bn Insurance Claim Lesson?

13. Excellence in Infographics (卓越數據圖像獎)
Bloomberg News, How Xi Rewrote China's Rulebook to Build the Party Around Himself
Reuters, How a night of Halloween revelry turned to disaster in South Korea
South China Morning Post, Life in Hong Kong’s shoebox housing

GMA News Online, Eleksyon 2022
Sixth Tone, China’s Human Trafficking Problem Goes Far Beyond the ‘Chained Woman’
Sixth Tone, What Does It Cost to Test China for COVID-19?

天下雜誌 CommonWealth Magazine, 最新圖解 中國 72 小時「封台」軍演/Maps: China’s 72-hour ‘Taiwan Blockade’
READr, 2022 九合一地方公職人員選舉暨修憲公投開票即時資訊/2022 Local Elections Live Vote Results
歪脑|WHYNOT, 揭开流量时代的伤口, 走出网络暴力的漩涡/Chinese Internet’s Hidden Victims: Uncovering and Healing the Scars of Online Abuse

14. Excellence in Reporting Breaking News (卓越突發新聞獎)*
Bloomberg News, China’s Covid Protests
Reuters, The assassination of Shinzo Abe
The Guardian, A dangerous moment: Taiwan in the crosshairs

今周刊 Business Today, 晶片戰爭全解析/The Chip War
端傳媒 Initium Media, 東航空難系列/China Eastern Airlines Flight 5737 Crash
聯合新聞網, 南韓梨泰院慘案/Seoul Halloween Crowd Crush

15. Excellence in Opinion Writing (卓越評論獎)
ChinaFile, In China's Diaspora, Visions of a Different Homeland
Financial Times, Marxism, unsackable slackers and empty homes
The Economist, The Economist's Chaguan column

Frontier Myanmar, The junta condemns itself
Hong Kong Free Press, Press Freedom Day: As long as there are journalists in Hong Kong, there will be journalism
Jom, The repeal of S377A: democracy, secularism, and acceptable speech under threat

香港01 HK01, 端正歷史態度 別讓「六四」成為禁語/Don't Turn June Fourth into a Taboo
灼見名家, 新冠疫情勢將盡 香港復常心所往/Pandemic Days Are Numbered, Normalcy Shall Return
關鍵評論網 The News Lens, 全世界對於習近平的批評, 帶著深深的誤解/A Critique of Global Take on Xi Jinping

16. Excellence in Reporting on the Environment (卓越環境報道獎)
Bloomberg News, Planet Plastics
Reuters, Starving the Mekong
The Washington Post, An Empire Built on Coal

CNA, “Asia’s Great Climate Frontiers” series
Rest of World, The dirty road to clean energy: How China’s electric vehicle boom is ravaging the environment
Southeast Asia Globe & The Straits Times, When the Forests Fall Silent

商業週刊 Business Weekly, 一個台灣 3種空氣/Inequality in the Air: 4-Year Investigation of Air Pollution in Taiwan
端傳媒 Initium Media, 肉食動物系列/Us Carnivores
報導者 The Reporter, 垃圾黑市錢與權: 一條事業廢棄物犯罪鏈的生成/Enterprise Wastes Black Market: Organized Crime of Disposal

17. Excellence in Photography (卓越攝影獎)
Bloomberg News, This Is What Life’s Like in the World’s Strictest Covid Zero City
Reuters, Sri Lanka spirals into crisis
The Associated Press, Political and Economic Collapse in Sri Lanka

Project Multatuli, Shamans' Ritual To Protect Bangka Island's Remaining Forest
Sixth Tone, Life in One of China’s Unfinished Apartment Complexes
Sixth Tone, Poyang Lake: Life Under Climate Whiplash

端傳媒 Initium Media, 疫情下, 無助的老人/Helpless Elders in the Pandemic
鏡週刊 Mirror Media, 烏克蘭直擊/Stand with Ukraine
歪脑|WHYNOT, 重读身边的“共产主义美学”-潜伏在日常的野蛮/Revisiting the "Communist Aesthetics" Around Us: Uncovering the Everyday Brutality

18. The Scoop Award (獨家新聞獎)*
Financial Times, Nancy Pelosi to visit Taiwan next month amid China tensions
The Wall Street Journal, The New Lieutenants
Vice World News, At an Isolated Boarding School, a Culture of Sexual Abuse Thrived for Decades

香港01 HK01, 退而不休被開除黨籍 前銀監會副主席蔡鄂生的香港朋友圈/The Hidden Hong Kong Network of a Disgraced China Banking Regulator
端傳媒 Initium Media, 與死亡: 疫情中的上海養老院/Life and Death in Shanghai Nursing Homes During the Pandemic
明報 Ming Pao, 審藏書嘆準則未明 教師自訂紅線/A School Librarian's Self-imposed Redlines

19. Carlos Tejada Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting (卓越調查報道獎)
Bloomberg News, Planet Plastics
The Wall Street Journal, The Two Michaels
Vice World News, The Human Trafficking Victims Being Forced to Scam the World: An Investigation

Frontier Myanmar, Covid cover-up
Myanmar Now, How Myanmar's military covers up past crimes against the Rohingya, and erases them from the country's future
VOD, Enslaved

天下雜誌 CommonWealth Magazine, 躲不掉的中國天眼/Chinese Surveillance in Taiwan
香港01 HK01, 電訊詐騙營人口販賣調查: 來自緬甸柬埔寨的呼救/Human Trafficking Investigation: Call for Help from Myanmar and Cambodia
報導者 The Reporter, 綁債 黑工 留學陷阱: 失控的高教技職國際招生/Debt Traps, Modern Slavery, Shattered Dreams: Illegal Recruitment of International Students in Taiwan’s Technical University System

20. SOPA Award for Young Journalists (亞洲出版業協會最佳新人記者大獎)**
Frontier Myanmar, Hein Thar
The Washington Post, Regine Cabato
The Wire China, Katrina Northrop

21. SOPA Award for Public Service Journalism (亞洲出版業協會公共服務新聞大獎)
端傳媒 Initium Media, 中國封控抗議潮系列/A Series on the White Paper Protests
ProPublica, The Night Raids
The Wall Street Journal, The People of Shanghai

*  Combined Global/Regional category (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

** Combined Global/Regional/Chinese category (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

NOTE: This list is based on the titles of entries as submitted. Due to system limitations, the above links lead to just one story in each entry, even for entries that consisted of a package of related stories. The judges took into consideration the entire package of stories in making their decisions.

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