Awards Finalists

Awards Finalists

SOPA Announces 2021 Awards for Editorial Excellence Finalists!

(Below listings in alphabetical order of publication’s title)

Live tweeting and live streaming results will be announced @sopasia #SOPAwards2021
on Awards night June 24th 7pm (HK time)

1. Excellence in Reporting on Women’s Issues (卓越女性議題報道獎)
Al Jazeera English, India’s Highway of Shame
The Washington Post, In Philippines, a child alleges abuse by Catholic priest — and tests Vatican promise for global reckoning
VICE World News, When They Killed Our Men
GMA News Online, The Children Are All Grown Up Now
Rappler, Nowhere to run: To cross coronavirus border, prostituted women are abused by cops
The World of Chinese, Hunger Games: Eating Disorders Maim a New Generation of Young Chinese Women
BBC 中文BBC Chinese, 《助守在异乡》:揭开台湾家庭印尼佣工的真实生活 Representing the crisis and victories of women in East and Southeast Asia
端傳媒 Initium Media, 女性抗爭者李翹楚: 「我有英雄情結,但我幻想的英雄是我自己」 Female activist Li Qiaochu: “I have a hero complex, but my fantasy hero is myself”
联合早报 Lianhe Zaobao, 《跨性别女性的美丽与哀愁》 The Beauty and Woes of Transgender Women

2. Excellence in Journalistic Innovation (卓越新聞報道創新獎)
Bloomberg, The Covid Resilience Ranking
Reuters, Analysing Australia’s catastrophic bushfires
The Wall Street Journal, How the Coronavirus Spread
ABS-CBN News, TAAL: Through Eruption and Pandemic
GMA News Online, What I Wore That Day
Malaysiakini, MP Game
READr, 即時口罩存量查詢地圖 COVID-19: The mask map in Taiwan
報導者 The Reporter, 從租用到迫遷—南鐵東移,25年政策與地貌的轉變 25 Years Controversy over Tainan Urban District Railway Underground Project
聯合報 United Daily News, 她們的故事 Her Story

3. Excellence in Video Reporting (卓越視頻報道獎)
Agence France-Presse, Eight Days in Wuhan: Cut Off From the World
BBC World Service, Meeting the son I thought was dead
The New York Times, Wearing a Mask? It May Come From China’s Controversial Labor Program
ABS-CBN News, Pangarap ni Chito: Kuwento ng jeepney driver na naninirahan sa nakaparadang jeep (Driver lives inside his jeepney as lockdown halts public transpo)
Rappler, Exiled by pandemic, seafarers face peril
Sixth Tone, The Workshop of the World, Unraveled
蘋果日報 Apple Daily, 流亡台灣的365日 林榮基重開銅鑼灣書店反抗中共 365 days of the exiled bookseller in Taiwan, the road to reopening the banned bookstore
端傳媒 Initium Media, 制裁風暴,行業積弱,誰能拯救香港製造? Hit hard by sanctions and structural weaknesses, how can Hong Kong manufacturers survive?
端傳媒 Initium Media, 超過16000枚催淚彈,給香港留下了什麼?What’s Left of Hong Kong After Over 16000 Tear Gas Bombs?

4. Excellence in Human Rights Reporting (卓越人權報道獎)
The Associated Press, China Cracks Down – The Uighurs
The Wall Street Journal, Facebook: A Conduit for Hate in India
The Wall Street Journal, Xi Jinping’s “China Solution”
Frontier Myanmar, Shan farmer’s killing leaves villagers burning with anger
Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Philippine Jails are a Covid-19 Time Bomb
The Wire, From Segregation to Labour, Manu’s Caste Law Governs the Indian Prison System
端傳媒 Initium Media, 巴迪族集體死亡事件調查 An Investigation of the mass death of Batek tribe in Malaysia
立場新聞 Stand News, 青山灣的呼聲:羈留者絕食抗爭 Voices of the Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre: Hunger strike for detainees’ rights
立場新聞 Stand News, 黑箱維權記:十二港人送中 內地律師、香港家屬與協助者奔走營救 Human rights cover-up: Lawyers, families and supporters looking for ways to rescue twelve Hong Kongers detained in mainland

5. Excellence in Feature Writing (卓越專題特寫獎)
Outside Magazine, The True Story of the White Island Eruption
The Economist’s 1843 Magazine, The coronavirus cruise: on board the Diamond Princess
The Wire China, Death of a Quantum Man
GMA News Online, The Children Are All Grown Up Now
Sixth Tone, The Wuhan Pneumonia Patient Trapped Between Despair and Hope
VOD, Medical Waste Collectors
多維Duowei News, “消声”的中国自由派China’s “Silenced” Liberals
立場新聞 Stand News, 黑箱維權記:十二港人送中 內地律師、香港家屬與協助者奔走營救 Human rights cover-up: Lawyers, families and supporters looking for ways to rescue twelve Hong Kongers detained in mainland
報導者 The Reporter, 357天等待職災補償的折磨:一名泰國移工之死 357 Days of Waiting Compensation: A Death of a Thailand Migrant Worker

6. Excellence in Magazine Design (卓越雜誌設計獎)
Nikkei Asian Review, The new Nikkei Asia
S&P Global Platts, Insight magazine – September 2020
《號外》CITY MAGAZINE, 亞洲當下的美學啟動 電子超級高速公路上的藝術短片發展 NOWNESS ASIA
《美好家居》Home Journal,《美好家居》2020年10月號 (40周年特刊) / Home Journal Oct 2020 (40 Years – A New Renaissance)
《生活》月刊 LIFE MAGAZINE, 境转新生 Continue to Grow

7. Excellence in Arts & Culture Reporting (卓越藝術及文化報道獎)
Financial Times, South Korea confronts the challenges facing women in the country
The Economist, The space between the lines: Culture in Xi Jinping’s China
The Wall Street Journal, Why BTS Runs the World
Frontier Myanmar, Dubious legends: The Tatmadaw’s propaganda fail
Sixth Tone, Future Nostalgia: China’s Video Games Plug Into Ancient Culture
Sixth Tone, In China’s Villages, Bullfighting Enjoys a Bloody Renaissance
蘋果日報Apple Daily, 香港低慾望時代 Hong Kong’s Low Desire
Radio Free Asia, 抗命的香港艺术文化 Arts on the Resistance Frontline
歪脑|WHYNOT, 香港文艺创作者:在禁忌的土地上,能生出倔强的花吗?Hong Kong Arts Creators: Can an Unbending Flower be Brought Forth in Forbidden Soil?

8. Excellence in Explanatory Reporting (卓越解釋性報道獎)
Reuters, Democracy Darkens in Hong Kong
The Wall Street Journal, Xi Jinping’s “China Solution”
The Wire China, U.S.-China Decoupling In Practice
Rappler, Filipino seafarers face perils, death at sea
Sixth Tone, China’s Two-Child Policy, Five Years On
Sixth Tone, Inside Wuhan’s ‘Fangcang’ Shelter Hospitals
天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 《天下雜誌》707期〈迎戰美豬 台灣怎麼贏?〉Taking on U.S. Pork: How Taiwan Can Win
Taiwan Public Television Service, 解讀共機擾台政治意涵 台海成中美角力戰場 China, regular of Taiwan’s ADIZ|2020 Cross-strait relations
聯合報 United Daily News, 108課綱上路周年追蹤報導 One Year On: 108 Curriculum Follow-Up

9. Excellence in Business Reporting (卓越經濟報道獎)
The Information, Inside Apple
The New York Times, With Technology, China Seizes Control
The Wall Street Journal, Facebook: A Conduit for Hate in India
Frontier Myanmar, KBZ takes Yangon port operator to court over massive debts
Frontier Myanmar, Myanmar’s billion-dollar border racket
Sixth Tone, China’s African Traders Confront a Formidable New Foe: Alibaba
商業周刊Business Weekly, 後疫情世界100關鍵趨勢 100 Trends in the Post-Pandemic World
端傳媒 Initium Media, 德國大眾汽車的中國「依賴」:加速容易減速難 Volkswagen’s “dependency” on China: easier to speed up, difficult to slow-down
端傳媒 Initium Media, 產地直擊:ECFA十年,兩岸「經濟合作架構協議」成功了嗎? Blessing or curse: Taiwan and China mark 10th anniversary of trade agreement as the cross-strait relations sour

10. SOPA Award for Young Journalists (亞洲出版業協會最佳新人記者大獎)
The Wall Street Journal, Dasl Yoon, How South Korea Solved Its Acute Hospital-BedShortage
VICE World News, Gavin Butler, Airlines are Making Australians Fly Business Class to Get Home
端傳媒 Initium Media, 王浠 Wang Xi, 確診名單外的死亡患者
壹週刊Next Magazine , Carey Chung 鍾欣諺, 國產溫度計|餐廳放蛇實測 體溫29度照放行 「求其度」掀爆疫危機 Made-In-China Thermometers|Body Temperature Taken Shown as 29 degrees, Erroneous Measurement Heat Up Covid Pandemic
Radio Free Asia, Xiaoshan Xue (薛小山), “厦门聚会案” 周年回顾 Xiaoshan Xue “Xiamen 1226 citizen case” – annual review

11. Excellence in Information Graphics (卓越數據圖像獎)
NOTE: Combined Global/Regional category (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

Reuters, Sizing up Australia’s bushfires
Reuters, Visualising the coronavirus pandemic
South China Morning Post, Coronavirus: the disease Covid-19 explained
READr, 五千篇事實查核報告分析:武漢肺炎假訊息戰役 COVID-19 Disinformation War:5000 Fact-checking Reports Analysis
立場新聞 Stand News, 反送中案件統計系列 Statistics on cases in Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement
立場新聞 Stand News, 未解的真相 周梓樂之死 3D 模擬事發現場 Unrevealed truth: using life-sized 3D image and VR technology to present the “The death of Chow Tsz-lok” in court

12. Excellence in Reporting Breaking News (卓越突發新聞獎)
NOTE: Combined Global/Regional category (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

Financial Times, Inside the heart of the pandemic: China’s struggle to control the virus and the narrative
The New York Times, Inside Wuhan
The Wall Street Journal, Rushing Into Wuhan
今周刊 Business Today, 勞動基金弊案揭密 The Reveal of The Labor Funds Fraud
商業周刊 Business Weekly, 冰封中國關鍵報告 Frozen China
報導者 The Reporter, 世紀之疫:病毒、人性、新世界 COVID-19:Virus, Humanity, New World

13. Excellence in Opinion Writing (卓越評論獎)
Bloomberg, Why I’m Losing Hope in India
The Economist, The Economist’s Chaguan column
The Wall Street Journal, The Hollowing Out of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Free Press, Hong Kong’s protest movement in perspective
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Get Real
Sixth Tone, Legal Scholar He Haibo on the Overdue End of China’s ‘Custody and Education’ Program
澎湃新闻网 The Paper, 人们为什么不喜欢 “文明码” Why People Don’t Like “Civilization Code”
亞洲週刊 Yazhou Zhoukan, 台灣民選獨裁幕後 綠營新威權主義現象 The origin of Taiwan “Electoral Dictatorship”, the phenomenon of DPP “New Authoritarianism”.
亞洲週刊 Yazhou Zhoukan, 內蒙民族融和糾結 大熔爐模式掀風暴 The struggle of ethnic integration in Inner Mongolia, the storm made by “Melting Pot” Model.

14. Excellence in Reporting on the Environment (卓越環境報道獎)

The Economist, The Outlaw Sea
The Washington Post, How China is choking the Mekong
VICE World News, Land Defenders Are Killed in the Philippines for Protesting Canadian Mining
Eco-Business, Vietnamese rubber giant razes indigenous lands as Cambodian government grapples with legacy land issues
Sixth Tone, The Fierce Debate Over Shanghai’s New Forest
The World of Chinese, China’s Hidden Rural Waste Crisis
北京数可视科技有限公司 Beijing Data Visualization Technology, 被砍断的地球之肺—跨国木材贸易报道 The Chain
天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 《天下雜誌》714期〈瘋狂光電 發財夢〉Solar Power Fueling Dreams of Riches
Taiwan Public Television Service, 垃圾滿島》台灣燒不盡的廢棄物困境 Garbage Island: Taiwan’s Endless Waste Dilemma

15. Excellence in Photography (卓越攝影獎)
Agence France-Presse, Wuhan: Coronavirus Ground Zero
Getty Images, Taal Volcano Eruption
The New York Times, Adam Dean and Thailand Protests
Philippine Daily Inquirer, A river of rage runs through it
Sixth Tone, Floating Life: China’s Flood Victims Pick Up the Pieces
The World of Chinese, Of Ice and Men: The Thousand-Year Ice-fishing Tradition on Chagan Lake
香港01有限公司 HK01, 許智峯的2020年 Ted Hui’s Year of 2020
端傳媒 Initium Media, 抗爭與審判 Protests and Trials in Hong Kong
端傳媒 Initium Media, 武漢之春 Wuhan’s Spring

16. The Scoop Award (獨家新聞獎)
NOTE: Combined Global/Regional category (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

Financial Times, Wirecard: Germany’s fintech giant that turned out to be a fraud
The Associated Press, China Confronts COVID-19
The Wall Street Journal, Identifying the New Virus
蘋果日報Apple Daily, 飛行服務隊兩度出動疑追蹤12人快艇 「不知情」說法揭警謊 GFS conducted surveillance on speedboat of 12 fleeing Hongkongers under police order
今周刊 Business Today, 勞動基金弊案揭密 The Reveal of The Labor Funds Fraud

17. Excellence in Investigative Reporting (卓越調查報道獎)
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Malaysiakini, The Asahi Shimbun, BuzzFeed News and more than 100 other media partners around the world, The FinCEN Files
The Associated Press, Fruits of Labor
The Wall Street Journal, Covid’s Ground Zero
Frontier Myanmar, Shining light on Shwe Kokko
Sixth Tone, China’s Anti-Poverty Campaign: The View from the Villages
Sixth Tone, Inside China’s Black Market for Foster Children
天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 《天下雜誌》714期〈瘋狂光電 發財夢〉Solar Power Fueling Dreams of Riches
報導者 The Reporter, 合法、廉價、24小時到貨 ── 1年26萬公斤的工業笑氣,如何毒害年輕人? Unregulated, Cheap and 24/7 Available: How Hundreds of Tons of Industrial-use Laughing Gas Silently Poisons the Young?
報導者 The Reporter, 安毒幽靈──毒梟、死囚、施用者,台灣人在亞洲的毒品「長征」 Drug Lords, Death Row Prisoners, Drug Addicts: Taiwanese’s Long March in Asia’s Illegal Drug Trade

18. SOPA Award for Public Service Journalism (亞洲出版業協會公共服務新聞大獎)
天下雜誌 | CommonWealth Magazine, 揭開廢棄物黑幕 Tracking Down Taiwan’s Industrial Polluters
Malaysiakini, Malaysiakini Covid-19 tracker + List of Locations
香港電台 Radio Television Hong Kong, 鏗鏘集: 7.21誰主真相 Hong Kong Connection:7.21 Who owns the Truth


*Combined Global/Regional category (due to not receiving more than 5 entries)

NOTE: This list is based on the titles of entries as submitted. Due to system limitations, the above links lead to just one story in each entry, even for entries that consisted of a package of related stories. The judges took into consideration the entire package of stories in making their decisions.

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